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Special Packages (Fixed earnings)

Started by admin 2021-05-23 at 04:40
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Hello Amber Family,
Today we have designed 4 Special Packages, in which you can earn certain amount of pure profit.

Special Packages details:-

1. Golden Package - $34.50
25000 Banner Ad Credits
180 Rented Referrals
Golden Membership

2. Platinum Package - $45.00
Platinum Membership
230 Rented Referrals
50000 Banner Ad Credits

3. Diamond Package - $74.50
Diamond Membership
350 Rented Referrals
75000 Banner Ad Credits

4. Amber Package - $122.50
500 Rented Referrals
Amber Membership
100000 Banner Ad Credits

Comparison of all the 4 packages

The Profit column is only for RR system and is for 30 days. You can earn extra money by Revenue shares, Referring friends, Completing Offerwalls, Click PTC ads, etc.
The profit is calculated by this formula.
Profit=[RR click rate X RR click avg X 30 X RRs you will get] - [Membership + (Cost of 1RR X RRs you will get)]

We use Rented Referral Bot system, so you will get fixed click avg.

You can purchase the special packages from the advertise page. Before purchasing you must have the amount in your purchase balance.
Advertise page:
Add Funds page:

If you have any doubts or clarifications, please reply to this thread or contact us.

Thank you!
Best Regards,
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Good to have such an opportunity!
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Very good pakige 👍
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Hmmmm 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂