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Our 1st Referral Contest
Published on 08-06-2021

Hello Amber Family,

We have completed our 1 month journey for today.  Thank you everyone for joining and using our site. We have a very long term plans for AmberClix

Today we are eager to announce that we have started our 1st Referral Contest. And we have set UNLIMITED Direct Referral limit for all Memberships. when the contest ends, we will reset our Direct Referral limit as it was before. And yes, When the contest ends, If you are having more Direct Referrals then your limit there would be no problem. We won't delete your Direct Referrals. You can have them for lifetime

Check the contest stats here.
Click here to view!

Contest details and terms:
- Contest started at 08th June 2021
- Contest ends on 09th July 2021
- The prizes are given for the top of the last 30 days.
- The prize will be automatically distributed on 09th July 2021 at midnight server time.
- Anybody can participate in contest.
- Multi-accounts are not allowed, if we catch you then all of your accounts will be permanently suspended.

Prizes details:
1st place - $10.00 - Allocate to Purchase balance
2nd place - $5.00 - Allocate to Purchase balance
3rd place - $2.50 - Allocate to Purchase balance
4th place - $1.25 - Allocate to Purchase balance
5th place - $0.75 - Allocate to Purchase balance
6th place - $0.10 - Allocate to Purchase balance
7th place - $0.10 - Allocate to Purchase balance
8th place - $0.10 - Allocate to Purchase balance
9th place - $0.10 - Allocate to Purchase balance
10th place - $0.10 - Allocate to Purchase balance

And yes, the prizes are small because we don't want our site to go down in a few months by giving $200 - $500 win prizes like other sites.

Contact Us, if you have any doubts or clarifications.

Special Packages ( Fixed earnings )
Published on 23-05-2021

Hello Amber Family,

Today we have designed 4 Special Packages, in which you can earn certain amount of pure profit.


Special Packages details:-


1. Golden Package - $34.50

25000 Banner Ad Credits

180 Rented Referrals

Golden Membership


2. Platinum Package - $45.00

Platinum Membership

230 Rented Referrals

50000 Banner Ad Credits


3. Diamond Package - $74.50

Diamond Membership

350 Rented Referrals

75000 Banner Ad Credits


4. Amber Package - $122.50

500 Rented Referrals

Amber Membership

100000 Banner Ad Credits


Comparison of all the 4 packages


The Profit column is only for RR system and is for 30 days. You can earn extra money by Revenue shares, Referring friends, Completing Offerwalls, Click PTC ads, etc.

The profit is calculated by this formula. Profit=[RR click rate X RR click avg X 30 X RRs you will get] - [Membership + (Cost of 1RR X RRs you will get)]


We use Rented Referral Bot system, so you will get fixed click avg. You can purchase the special packages from the advertise page. Before purchasing you must have the amount in your purchase balance.

Advertise page:

Add Funds page:


If you have any doubts or clarifications, please reply to this thread or contact us.


Thank you!


Best regards,

Amberclix Administrator

#1 Deposit Promo
Published on 08-05-2021

Hello members,

Here is our first Deposit Promo. Check the details of the promo here.


1. Deposit $2 - $20 : 5% bonus in Purchase balance +1RR for each dollar you deposit.

2. Deposit $21 - $50: 10% bonus in Purchase balance +1RR for each dollar you deposit.

3. Deposit $51 - $100 : 15% bonus in Purchase balance +1RR for each dollar you deposit.

4. Deposit $101 -$200 : 20% bonus in Purchase balance +1RR for each dollar you deposit.

5. Deposit $201 - $(infinity) : 25% bonus in Purchase balance +1RR for each dollar you deposit.


Promo ends on 31 May 2021.


To get the bonus, just send us a support ticket with your order id.


Best regards,


Welcome to AmberClix!
Published on 08-05-2021
It is with great pleasure that we present to you our project, AmberClix.

AmberClix is a total online advertising platform. Where all the members of our website don't need to pay us a cent to start earning. So register now and start earning money for free! On the other hand advertiser can advertise here in a cheap rate. We are working hard on our platform to increase our quality and efficient services will achieve the satisfaction from each of you.

Being our member, you can earn money by multiple ways. 
1. Viewing Advertisements
2. Playing HeadorTail game
3. Playing Ambergrid
4. Revenue Shares
5. Playing Crack the Vault game.
6. Referring friends.
7. Renting referrals
8. Offerswalls like:
a) KiwiWall
b) Wannads
c) SurveyWall

More methods of earning are coming soon. Stay tuned! 

Being our advertisers, you could expect the following benefits. 
1. Instant buy and approvals
2. Demographic filter
3. Detailed statistics
4. Strong anti-cheat protection
5. High Quality traffic

We accept PerfectMoney and Payeer as deposits and withdrawals. More payment processors are coming soon.

You could expect a fast response to your doubts and clarifications. Just send a support ticket, if you have any doubts.

Best regards,

Our 1st referral contest have been started. Click here to View Details!